The Buying Process

Getting the Pre-Approval: It will show a seller that you have already started the process with a lender and are able to afford what you will be offering.

Showing Homes: We will set aside time to take you through the multiple homes that meet the criteria you have given us within your price range and similar style to what you'd like.

Submitting an Offer: We will assist you in creating an offer to give to the sellers of the home you are absolutely drawn to. We will guide you into creating the buying power to make your offer the strongest it can be!

Appraisal & Inspection Period: During this time, we will keep each other updated on what is going on with the deal and how the inspection and appraisal goes and make adjustments to the purchase agreement as needed.

Closing: We will conduct a final walk-through of your future home when the title company and lender finalized the approved closing documents. Utilities will need to be transferred into your name the day before or day of the closing. Then, we will sit down at the closing table and have you sign all the necessary docs to make that home your new home!


    HomeSnap - Click here to download

    Through our app called HomeSnap, we give you access to up to date and accurate information on homes for sale in the areas you are looking to move.

    Buyer Guidebook - Click here to view

    We have a brochure put together to give you more information about us and the home buying process more in depth. 

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